Give Me a Reason

Valeria Echeverri. Let's say 18 although I have the soul of a very old person. I like to write poems for my boyfriend, which he will never see. I like watching birds fly and watching people walk past me. And I'm like that people person, who doesn't exactly like people but doesn't dislike them either. I spend my time mostly sleeping or being boring by myself or with some close acquaintances, or books, which may sometimes be even cooler. I also like really complicated words in other languages and I like hearing people talking in dialects I will never learn. My favorite color is phosphorescent pink and nobody cares but still I want you all to know. And I like eating. Maybe food is the love of my life but then again I'm really hoping it is not and he is, because I'm starting to think that I've finally found the reason for me to go up every morning and to sing randomly out of happinness. So yeah, that's me, falling for the romantic bullshit like watching sunsets and cooking together and stuff. And I think that's okay.